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Patterson Environmental Ltd 

Patterson Environmental can assist you in:

  • identifying your impacts
  • suggesting specific mitigation methods for your business
  • developing systems to measure, monitor and manage your impacts
  • reporting the measures that you have taken.
  • reducing your waste
  • train your staff to protect themselves and others when handling hazardous substances

Increasingly in these conscience focused times, customers and clients are looking for businesses with an ethical approach. They want assurances that those they work with, or purchase from, have considered their social and environmental impacts.  It’s no longer an option to just talk the talk you must walk it and show how you’re doing it.  

Patterson Environmental is a Christchurch based consultancy that works with businesses to help them operate in a more sustainable way.  With over 20 years of experience specialising in waste and hazardous substance management

Patterson Environmental will be able to identify environmental risks from your operations and reduce the liabilities to your business. The company’s aim is to work with clients to seek pragmatic solutions that work both for their business and the environment.    

How you operate on a day to day basis will have impacts on the environment. Your customers will want to know what systems you have in place to reduce or mitigate these impacts and that you have a robust mechanism to record and report on these systems.    

So whether you are looking to identify your environmental risks and reduce liabilities to your business, or you want help reporting the work that you’ve done, Patterson Environmental can help you achieve your goals.